Keeping Score, Inc.
Your MVP in Accounting
Here's what people are saying about Michael and Keeping Score, Inc.
"Michael really touched on the most important tools in the trade. He cares immensely and it shows. He hit a grand slam tonight and knocked home a boat load of vital information." E.G., Cincinnati, Ohio
"My husband came home raving about your lecture. He said it's normally a very dry subject but you made it very interesting. He came home with lots of great ideas." S.U., Ashtabula, Ohio
"Great job. I am convinced that the lack of business knowledge is the reason for the industry's 3% average profit." J.P., Ashtabula, Ohio
"Better useful information than other seminars dealing with costes and related items referring to billable hours." A.H., Cincinnati, Ohio
"Thanks again for your excellent presentation. There is always something else to be gleaned from those pieces of paper. Great job."   PHCC of Ohio "Managing For Profits" Course
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